The Community Site

The Community Site is a global home for the students of the New Message around the world. Hosted by The Society for the New Message, this Site provides a place where you can gather together with others who are moved by the New Message, The Allies of Humanity Briefings and the teachings of Marshall Vian Summers and build purposeful relationships in service to a world in need.

This website was created as a single, multipurpose place for students of the New Message and others from around the world to engage in with the New Message teachings, the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers, The Society for the New Message and other students around the world.

The website is also the place for the Messenger and Society to communicate directly with you and others regarding the New Message, its mission, its teachings, and its wisdom and its movement in the world. And it is the place for you to communicate directly back to us and other students of the New Message.

This vision encompasses hearing from the Messenger directly. Learning from Patricia and Reed Summers and other members of The Society directly. Each student being part of the dissemination chain of important news and events as they happen in the mission of the New Message… from new Revelations received by the Messenger, Afterglows shared in this process, new Teachings, videos and information that are released to further expand the presence and power of the New Message in our lives and the world. And engaging with each other in grappling with and experiencing the challenges and benefits of the New Message in our lives.

You and others bring a life and vitality to this website that will enable it become an environment of relationship, learning and contribution. The more you participate in this community, the more you may benefit from your efforts.

Once you have created your username, password and profile preferences, you can join the groups that you are interested in. Within this, you will be able to interact directly with others in these groups, receive notifications of updates and activity in that group, and post thoughts and comments there as well. You can enroll and participate in the Free online School of the New Message on the website, as well as viewing previous School sessions. The New Message forums are here and will serve as an open place for sharing thoughts, insights and ideas around important topics and areas of the New Message, Studenthood, and their application in the world. You can learn more about The Society and the structure and function of this organization as it serves and supports the New Message and the Messenger. You can view material from past events that The Society has organized, such as the Encampment, the Messenger’s Vigil, and the Steps to Knowledge Vigil.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Worldwide Community of the New Message?

Please click the links below to see more about the World Wide Community of God’s New Message:

What is the Worldwide Community Site (

The Worldwide Community Site is a place for students of The New Message from God and others from around the world to engage with the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, The Society for the New Message, and each other. It is a place for students to hear and consider the wisdom, teachings and insights about the New Message and The Way of Knowledge from the Messenger himself, from the teachers of the New Message Patricia and Reed Summers, from Society members and from each other. It is a place to begin and to grow purposeful relationships in service to the mission of the New Message and its Messenger in bringing a New Revelation from God into the world. It is a place which may provide an environment for our own studenthood to grow and flourish.

Is this a social networking site?

While the basic structure and functions on this site are similar to social networking websites, this site serves as a platform for studying, learning, or supporting the New Message from God. It is available to all who have a genuine interest in sharing their experiences, questions, and insights with others who are also engaged in this process. This site and its environment focuses on the specific mission of the New Message from God, its relationship with each of us and with the world.

What kind of content is available on this site?

Teachings, prayers, insights, and messages from the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers. The Free online School of the New Message and the live chat is here. Updates and communication from the Messenger, his family, and The Society. The various forums for the New Message, and more…

Is the Worldwide Community Site available in languages other than English?

Not fully yet, but forthcoming. In the mean time, the international language Groups, where you can interact with people speaking your language, are forming and growing.

Who can join the Worldwide Community Site?

Anyone who feels an interest in learning and living the New Message from God, and interacting with the growing worldwide community of students of the New Message.

Is there a cost to join?

There is no cost to join. It is free thanks to the financial support from all those who feel called to contribute financially to the New Message from God.

How do I make an account?
By registering and logging in, you have created your account. If you were already a member of the Free School, your account has been migrated here with the same username and password. We invite you to go to your “profile” page and fill in any further information you’d like others to see from you.

What are Groups?

Groups allow users to post, interact, and comment to and read from their own areas of interest. One might consider a group to be a smaller community with specific areas of interest or activities that lives within this larger community site.

What is Activity Stream?

An activity stream is a list of recent activities performed by one or more individuals on this website that shows up to you when you are logged in to the site.

Can I copy content from this site to other sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter?)

We ask that the content on this website remain here and is not intended to be shared to other websites or locations. However you are welcome to link to any page on the Community site when sharing on social media or other sites (note: registration will be required for people to access the link).